LDS Weddings

Planning an LDS Wedding

I am writing this article because if you belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, planning your wedding is a little bit different than any other wedding. I wish to share a few tips that will help with planning an LDS wedding. I can’t share everything in this brief post but I will do my best to get you started.

Differences between a traditional wedding and an LDS wedding

There are many differences between a traditional wedding and an LDS wedding. These differences can make wedding planning a little bit harder. In the LDS faith, modesty as an important part of every-day life. No exceptions should be made even on your wedding day. This makes it harder to find an appropriate wedding dress. A suggestion I have is to go online and search for pictures of modest wedding dresses. Once you have found something you like, take a picture to a wedding dress shop and see what they can offer. Often they will add sleeves and make alterations to a similar dress.

One major difference in a LDS wedding is the fact that the marriage/sealing ceremony is held in a Temple. Only close friends and family who qualify to enter can attend the actual wedding. This makes planning a little bit different because you have to plan a reception only for your guests to attend. For example if your wedding is in the Draper Utah Temple you should look for Draper wedding reception venues for your reception. I have found that these receptions are usual like an open house where guests can briefly congratulate the bride and groom. I recommend that these receptions last 2 to 3 hours.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are significantly different than the traditional parties. Instead of celebrating your last night of being single and partying you simply spend time with your closest friends. This is a time to celebrate and congratulate since there is not much time for this on the day of the wedding.

High standards are part of our culture and beliefs

If you have ever been to a Jewish wedding, a Polynesian wedding or a wedding with any other type of culture you have probably noticed that they are fun. Culture is brought into these weddings just as you should bring LDS culture into your wedding. Do not serve alcohol, give up modesty or even listen to inappropriate music. These are attributes that make a statement about your beliefs. These are things that should be shown off in your wedding. Some South Jordan wedding reception venues don’t even serve alcohol because of the beliefs of the owners. I am sure there are places like this everywhere.

I hope these brief suggestions have helped you in your wedding planning. There are many more things you will learn as you continue to plan. For more wedding planning advice visit Bountiful Wedding Reception. It’s Free! Enjoy your wedding day. Best wishes!


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