Advice for Parents

Advice for the of the Parents of the Bride or Groom

I am posting this article for any parent who has a child that is getting married. The things that I share will help you throughout your wedding planning experience. Wedding planning can be one of the most stressful or one of the most fun experiences in life. I hope that I can help your experience be a positive one.

The first thing I will tell you is that my in-laws are wedding experts. They are just short of a dozen children and only one isn’t married yet. I have learned everything I know from them.

An important task

As you plan your wedding your son or daughter will be stressed. One of your most important tasks is to help them realize that everything will be ok. When they are overwhelmed, find a way to help them organize their thoughts. If all your son or daughter needs is someone to talk to, get them to talk even if they don’t want to open up.

Help them but not too much

This is a new experience for your son or daughter. Being a new experience, they will come across tasks that they have never done before. These can even be things that seem easy to you. These things can be as simple as calling to reserve a wedding venue. Be there to help them but don’t do everything for them.

One mistake that about half of parents make is that they do everything for their child. This is a time of important learning experiences. If you do all of the work for your child, they will remain like a child. This is the time when your children become adults. Please help them to do this.

If your son or daughter needs help, try telling them what to do instead of accomplishing the task for them. Learning how to do things yourself is one of the most important skills to have throughout your life. I do not have married children but I have learned this from friends that do. As you can imagine, Salt Lake wedding photographers see first hand how parents and children handle weddings together. A friend of mine is one of these photographers. He told me that he meets countless parents that have done everything for their son or daughters wedding.

Help them keep it simple

You have probably been to an extravagant and expensive wedding with your son or daughter. It is easy as a kid to paint an unrealistic picture in your head. It is important that they know that you do not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have a memorable experience. You should not let your child go into debt for their wedding. In all honesty, I as a guest, tend to have a more enjoyable time at weddings that are on the simple side.

Setting a budget

Make sure your son or daughter understands that setting a budget is one of the most important steps in planning a successful wedding. Money problems are one of the biggest stress producing problems in every wedding. Know that about half of the wedding budget should go towards the wedding reception.

This is an exciting time as a parent. Congratulations to you. Make sure that this is the time of your son or daughters life. If you do your part, they will appreciate you in every way. Be patient with them and enjoy this experience. If you need additional help with your wedding preparations we can teach you what you need to know. Go to Salt Lake Wedding Photography for this free help.


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