Wedding Planning Tips

How to Plan a Wedding on a Dime: Part 1

If you are getting ready to plan a wedding or even thinking about getting married then keep reading. In this article I will teach you how to plan an affordable wedding. I will share money saving tips and teach you how to have a money saving mind set.

The average wedding in the United States is between twenty and thirty thousand dollars. If you are wondering why you should listen to me, listen because my wedding was absolutely amazing and it cost me less than two thousand dollars. You can have a wonderful, memorable, wedding for an affordable price.

Set a budget

                The first thing you need to do is sit down with your future spouse and set a wedding budget. Commit to one another that you will not go over this budget. Discipline will keep you from going into debt. Do not borrow money to get married. The worst way to start your life together is in debt.

The Wedding Reception

                It is said that your wedding reception should cost about half of your budget. Look at your budget and plan to spend half on the reception. This includes food, decorations, music, the venue, etc. If all you have to spend is two grand, this might seem impossible. I will teach you how it is very possible.

My first suggestion is to get creative. You do not have to pay a reception venue to have a beautiful reception. You can do everything yourself for a fraction of the price. Have your reception at a local church or even a park. You can have it up a canyon. Think hard. You can find a unique and perfect location.


                At many weddings you attend, you will enjoy a three coarse meal and dessert. The food is great but I am here to tell you that you don’t have to do all that. I have been to many weddings where I am served dessert only and I always enjoy it. In fact, most of us would rather attend a dessert or finger food reception. Weddings that include large feasts take way too long. People have kids and lives. You are doing others a favor be having a reception for only a few hours.

At several Salt Lake weddings I have enjoyed simple desserts. I am often pleased with brides who are creative and use their own ideas.


                A common question I am asked is, do I have to have a DJ or a wedding band? To be honest, I love wedding bands, especially jazz bands but they are not necessary. My wife and I had a jazz band play for free. A friend of my dad put together a very talented jazz band and needed to get their name out so they did us a huge favor. Keep your eyes open for friends like this.

If you can’t find anyone to do your music for free, make a playlist. I have been to several wedding receptions with great background and dance music straight from an iPod. Most wedding venues have great sound systems.

I have shared only a few tips on how to plan a wedding on a dime. Use these pointers and I promise, you will save thousands. I encourage you to use your own money saving ideas. Exercise your brain and be impressed with yourself. Look forward to How to Plan a Wedding on a Dime: Part 2

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